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Support Services

At TekSis we recognise the importance of providing a range of reliable support services to our customers throughout all stages of the sales, implementation and maintenance cycle, in order to minimise downtime and maximise production.

Using its team of experienced vision engineers, TekSis offers a range of services to help companies to get the most from their machine vision system investments, including:

  • Free Monthly Machine Vision Workshops
  • Free Onsite Vision Seminars
  • Free Machine Vision Evaluation Services
  • Training Courses
  • Engineering Support Services
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Call Out Support Services
  • Extended Warranties

Free Monthly Machine Vision Workshops

TekSis delivers monthly Machine Vision Workshops, to demonstrate how to apply Cognex In-Sight, Checker, DataMan or VisionPro technology effectively in your workplace.

Cognex vision solutions are designed to automatically and reliably inspect the integrity of products, identify components for traceability, verify the correct assembly of products, and accurately read labels and 1D and 2D codes on the fastest production lines.

By attending a half-day workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Select the right camera with the correct resolution
  • Light the object
  • Process the image
  • Apply the technology to solve your quality issues

Limited spaces are available on each workshop so book early to avoid disappointment. For further details please visit the TekSis Events page.

Free Onsite Vision Seminars

TekSis offers Free Onsite Machine Vision Seminars to demonstrate how vision technology can improve quality and reduce manufacturing costs.

The seminars, which can be arranged to suit client needs on-site or at ITS’ premises, demonstrate how machine vision systems can reliably inspect the integrity of products, accurately identify components for traceability, verify the correct assembly of products and ensure labels and codes are present, correct and legible, as well as other functions. The seminars can be used to demonstrate how machine vision technology can address the following key issues:

Variable Print Inspection

  • Date, batch and price code verification
  • Overprint registration checks
  • Print quality assessment

Package Verification & Conformity

  • Incorrect, missing or damaged labels
  • Missing or cocked cap or seal
  • Damaged or missing product

Product Traceability

  • Package and product identification
  • 1D and 2D data matrix code reading

Error Proofing and Quality Assurance

  • Gauging and inspecting products
  • Verifying and inspecting products
  • Colour sorting parts
  • Inspection of graphics and text

If your company is interested in investing in a vision system to improve your production performance you will benefit from a TekSis machine vision seminar.

The seminars can be delivered to an audience of five or more and are available to companies interested in using machine vision. They can be tailored to meet your company's needs.

Free Machine Vision Evaluation Services

If you are looking for a reliable vision inspection or ID solution, you will benefit from a free vision evaluation and report from TekSis. The free Machine Vision Evaluation Service will assess the feasibility of using machine vision technology for different applications.

The evaluation will include a visit to your site to look at your products, production lines, and to gain an accurate understanding of your requirements.

Upon receipt of samples, we will perform a vision evaluation in one of our offices. You will receive a vision evaluation report including an overview of your current process, critical business issues, and recommended solution to improve your performance.

There is no charge for the evaluation and report and it will provide an excellent tool to educate your team, identify a solution to your problems, and gain the buy-in from decision makers.

Request a free machine vision evaluation and report today by sending an email to or calling 01642 204104.

Training Courses

TekSis provides a range of training options including 2-day and 4-day open training courses delivered at Cognex’s Silverstone office, and onsite tailored courses, designed and delivered by TekSis’ engineers at your company’s site. A typical agenda for an onsite course includes:

  • Machine Vision Basics
  • Use of In-Sight Explorer
  • Connecting to a Camera
  • Your Vision Application
  • Practical Hands-on Session
  • Fault Finding
  • Questions & Answers

By attending a training course, you will learn how to configure and operate Cognex vision systems.

To request a quotation for an onsite or open course, please contact us by email at or call 01642 204104.

Engineering Support Services

TekSis helps companies resolve their vision engineering resource issues by offering highly skilled and experienced technically competent engineers. Whatever your requirements, whether you need additional resource to carry out vision system installations during a shutdown or longer term support, TekSis’ engineers can be hired to spend a day, week, month or longer period at your company’s site. They can carry out vision system installations and back-ups, keep documentation up to date, add facilities for the inspection of new products, train staff or contribute to your improvement programme. You stay in charge of their priorities but they remain a TekSis employee and can call on additional resource from one of our offices.

Service Level Agreements

TekSis also provides vision system support and maintenance contracts through Service Level Agreements (SLAs) including the facility for 24-365 call-out cover and the provision of routine activities.

TekSis’ SLAs for vision systems are flexible. We offer a range of options to tailor the package to meet your company’s needs, including:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • System back-ups
  • On-call assistance
  • Facilities management
  • System performance reviews
  • Help desk
  • Consultancy
  • Engineering support
  • Software development / maintenance
  • Training
  • Documentation updates

The SLAs are designed to improve your company’s performance. We will listen carefully to your needs and will work closely with you to tailor a vision system maintenance and support package to meet your requirements.

Call Out Support Services

TekSis also provides 24-7 call-out support contracts for a wide range of vision systems, vision sensors, ID and PC-based solutions. The support contracts are designed to minimise downtime, and we can arrange for one of our engineers to be at your site within four hours of a call; frequently our response times are much quicker.

With our dedicated, conscientious help desk personnel and vision engineering team, you can be confident that your calls will be dealt with professionally and promptly. Our engineers recognise the costs associated with downtime and are therefore dedicated to rectifying problems as quickly as possible.

Extended Warranties

Each Cognex vision system that you purchase from TekSis is automatically covered by a warranty program. Before the warranty expires, we recommend that you consider an inexpensive Extended Warranty Program, which will give you a worry-free and predictable cost of ownership for a further 6, 12 or 24 months.

The Extended Warranty Program gives you both extended hardware warranty and the guarantee of shipping a permanent replacement system within 48 hours of its failure.

To request further details on our support services, please contact TekSis by email at or call 01642 204104.