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Seasonal Discount - Upgrade Your DataMan 8500 Barcode Readers to the New DataMan 8600

12 December 2015

    Cognex has announced this week that they are offering customers the chance to upgrade their DataMan 8500 models to the new DataMan 8600 handheld barcode readers with a seasonal discount. This offer ends on 20th December 2015.

    Releasing more new models and software upgrades than any other company in the industry, Cognex is committed to making sure that customers and partners are always performing as well as they are. While most of the Cognex software upgrades are freely available, to upgrade customer’s hardware Cognex occasionally runs promotions such as this one. Instead of purchasing a new DataMan 8600 unit your customers can upgrade their DataMan 8500 readers for only £432 each.

    What you need to do?
    - Place an order for part number “DMR-8600-UPGRADE” with the unit serial number no later than 20th December.

  • Send back your DataMan 8500 readers by January 8th 2016 (If the DataMan 8500 unit is not received, the customer will be invoiced at the DataMan 8600 list price minus this promotion).
  • Why upgrade from the old to new model?
    It’s easier to use

  • With a reduction in the lens aperture this model has a larger depth of focus making it much easier to get the reading distance right every time.
  • The laser aimer is now parallel to the imager making it even easier to aim.
  • Better reading performance

  • With brighter LED’s and a new shutter design we can capture images twice as fast as before.
  • The newly designed housing for our Ultralight means that we get much better image formation and therefore higher read rates on shiny and DPM parts.
  • Extra Features

  • The DataMan 8600 can give code quality feedback.
  • There is an extra trigger button that can be used when all else fails on the hardest code types. This will cycle through different settings automatically.
  • More information on the DM-8600 including its other features are available at

    What will you have to change?
    All of the communication modules, cables and software are the same. All you need to do is to slide out the communication module from your DM-8500 and slide it into your new DM-8600 and you are good to go again.

    In advanced cases if you have customised settings for your readers all you need to do is to take a backup of your old reader and then open it on your new one, using the free setup tool software.

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