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VisionView 1.6.3 Product Release

02 January 2014

Cognex is pleased to announce the availability of VisionView 1.6.3 software. Key enhancements in this release include AutoTune for OCRMax™ and support for In-Sight’s new MultiView capability.

VisionView 1.6.3 Functionality

AutoTune Support
A newly designed interface for using OCRMax’s AutoTune feature has been introduced to VisionView. Built specifically to work with VisionView’s touchscreen, AutoTune is accessible via any existing OCRMax function, or through the new OCRMax AutoTune spreadsheet button added in In-Sight® version 4.9. This makes setup and configuration of OCRMax from VisionView quick and easy.

With the introduction of In-Sight version 4.9, a single In-Sight vision system can support multiple connected instances of VisionView. Additional VisionView connections will act as “view only” connections and are only capable of viewing images, job results and graphics and cannot interact with the camera to perform actions such as job changes or online/offline.

In order to configure the number of view connections for an In-Sight camera, navigate to the Sensor->View Connections menu in In-Sight Explorer.

DataMan Support
Support has been added for the DataMan® 60 Ethernet readers. VisionView now supports all Ethernet DataMan ID readers:

  • DataMan 60
  • DataMan 200
  • DataMan 300 Series
  • DataMan 500
  • DataMan 503
  • DataMan 8000 Series

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