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TekSis offers a range of Cognex In-Sight Micro, In-Sight 5000, and In-Sight Stainless Steel vision systems, unmatched in their ability to gauge, guide, inspect, and identify parts. These fully self-contained vision systems are available in a wide range of models to meet all price and performance requirements, and are the standard in the industry for automated inspection and product quality assurance.

In-Sight Micro Series

The Cognex In-Sight Micro Series provides world class performance in the smallest package available (30mm x 30mm x 60mm). Powerful vision applications can now be solved where system size was previously a limiting factor, and where multiple systems have to be installed in a tight space.

Whether for single-point inspection tasks, or building an entire factory-wide network of vision systems, In-Sight Micro models are available to meet the cost and functionality of the application. For system expansion, multiple In-Sight Micro vision systems can be linked to a VisionView display and I/O accessories.

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In-Sight 500 Series

The In-Sight 500 vision system available from TekSis, is a high‐performance, fixed‐mount vision system packaged in a rugged, IP65‐rated housing. It is powered by a proprietary vision chip technology, Cognex VSoC™ (Vision System on a Chip), which enables the system to process images at up to 500 frames per second (fps) with windowed acquisition.

In addition to the standard In‐Sight programming interface, expansive tool set and communication methods, the In‐Sight 500 vision system achieves speeds of 100fps at the full 1024 x 768 pixels of resolution and 200fps at 640 x 480.  What’s more, In‐Sight 500 provides the ability to further window an acquired image which can accelerate the acquisition to as high as 500fps.

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In-Sight 5000 Series

The In-Sight 5000 Series combines a library of advanced vision tools with high-speed image acquisition and processing and industrial-grade features. The unprecedented vision power and unmatched ruggedness of the In-Sight 5000 Series vision systems are helping manufacturers around the world improve productivity, ensure product quality and lower manufacturing costs.

Cognex’s In-Sight vision systems from TekSis are the only family of vision systems available today that provide industrial-grade features as standard.  The range offers rugged die-cast aluminum and stainless steel cases that can withstand the punishment of vibration, and sealed M12 connectors and protective lens cover for IP67 and IP68 rated protection against dust and moisture.  It all adds up to peace of mind on the factory floor.

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In-Sight 7000 Series

The Cognex In-Sight 7000 Series is easy to set up and can be used in hard-to-reach spaces.  It features built-in autofocus capability, which makes the In-Sight 7000 the choice for production situations requiring regular part changes.

Users can simply set and save focus values associated with the inspection of specific parts. This allows seamless part change over without any manual adjustment of the smart camera lens.

The In-Sight 7000 product range provides many model options to choose from, all with a tough metal IP67 package, including the highest acquisition speeds available with In-Sight with a maximum of over 100 image captures per second. The high acquisition rate provides users reliable inspection of products on even the fastest bottling and pharmaceutical production lines.

The In-Sight 7000 product range includes new entry level models, to provide cost effective solutions for simpler vision applications.

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In-Sight Stainless Steel Series

TekSis offers a range of Cognex stainless steel vision systems for hygiene-sensitive industries. The In-Sight stainless steel range meets IEC specifications for shock and vibration, and achieves the IP68/NEMA 6P rating suitable for environments involving chemical wash downs and submersion.

The In-Sight stainless steel vision systems provide protection from harsh manufacturing environments without the added cost and complexity of an accessory enclosure. The powerful combination of performance and ruggedness makes the Cognex’s In-Sight range the ideal choice for food and beverage, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical applications.

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In-Sight Line Scan

The In-Sight 5604 line scan vision system combines industrially rugged In-Sight hardware and best-in-class vision tools with a high-speed, 1K line scan imager. This eliminates the need for PC based vision systems and separate line scan camera heads. The In-Sight line scan sensor is much more light-sensitive than the imagers used in most line scan cameras. This reduces the cost and complexity of the lighting and makes the In-Sight 5604 line scan vision system exceptionally easy to integrate into space-constrained areas on the manufacturing line. With support for hardware and software encoders, the In-Sight 5604 has the flexibility needed to solve the image acquisition challenges across a wide range of applications involving fast moving discrete parts on a conveyor, cylindrical parts or large parts.

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