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TekSis offers a range of Camera Link area and line scan kits, from leading world manufacturers such as Sony, Basler, Toshiba and Dalsa.

Created for easy connectivity between the PC and camera, Camera Link offers simple, flexible cabling for high-speed, high-resolution digital cameras, resulting in a standard communication interface specification for the industry.

CCL-REPEAT-20M Camera Link Repeater P.O.A.
CFG-8602-000 Cognex MVS-8602 Camera Link PCI Frame Grabber P.O.A.
CFG-8602E-001 Cognex MVS-8602e Camera Link PCI Express Frame Grabber 64-bit P.O.A.
CAM-CL-DAL-4KLN Dalsa 4K Monochrome Line Scan Camera P.O.A.
CAM-CL-SNY-5M-POCL Sony 5 MegaPixel Monochrome Area Scan PoCL Camera P.O.A.
CAM-ANA-HR50 Sony HR-50 Monochrome Camera Kit P.O.A.
CAM-ANA-HR70 Sony HR-70 Monochrome Camera Kit P.O.A.