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JAI’s CV-A1 and CV-A2 magapixel cameras from TekSis offer a compact footprint of 44mm (w) x 66mm (l) x 26mm (h), and both boast a long list of new functions and features.  Their target market is volume OEMs and high level System Integrators for Automated Imaging applications.

The Sony cameras from TekSis are compact, lightweight and easy to install, making them ideal for space-constrained areas, and perfect  for microscopy, industrial inspection, machine vision and remote camera systems where picture accuracy and detail are important.  

The DXC-390 incorporates Sony’s new Exwave HAD® technology that greatly improves camera sensitivity (F8 at 2000 lx) whilst reducing smear.  The XC-56 and XC-HR 50 camera kits are suitable for demanding applications such as the inspection of semiconductor production lines and high-speed assembly lines, because of their high-resolution and high-speed image-capture capabilities.

CFG-8511-000 MVS-8511 Analog PCI Frame Grabber P.O.A.
CFG-8511E-000 MVS-8511e Analog PCI Express Frame Grabber P.O.A.
CFG-8514-000 MVS-8514 Analog PCI Frame Grabber P.O.A.
CFG-8514E-000 MVS-8514e Analog PCI Express Frame Grabber P.O.A.