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TekSis offers Cognex VisionPro, a PC-based vision system for complex, high speed and challenging applications. The Cognex VisionPro system combines the world’s leading machine vision technology with the most flexible and powerful PC-based vision application development. VisionPro makes it easier than ever to rapidly build integrated PC solutions for the most complex machine vision applications. The extensive tool library provides extremely robust, reliable and repeatable performance, while the VisionPro acquisition engine supports a wide range of Cognex framegrabbers and industrial camera options.

Cognex VisionPro

VisionPro from TekSis is a suite of COM/ActiveX-based machine vision software tools for Cognex PC-based vision systems.

VisionPro enables OEMs and system integrators to quickly develop and deploy powerful machine vision applications because it combines the power and flexibility of advanced programming with the ease of development provided by graphical programming environments such as Visual Basic. 

Its robust tool library is accessible no matter what camera or frame grabber you use, meaning all applications benefit from this broad-based, industrial-grade tool set, and the COM/ActiveX-based architecture enables VisionPro applications to easily include third-party components for process control, I/O and machine control.

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GigE Camera Kits

GigE vision, developed using the Gigabit Ethernet communication protocol, has established itself as a proven industrial interface standard, with unique strengths in bandwidth and cable length.  It is the first standard to allow fast transfer (1000 Mbps) of data using low cost standard cables over very long lengths (up to 100 metres), and with GigE vision, hardware and software from different vendors can interoperate seamlessly over GigE connections.

Basler’s GigE area scan cameras from TekSis are designed for industrial users who demand superior image quality and an excellent price/performance ratio.  Because GigE technology breaks the bandwidth barrier that was set by Firewire, switching from Camera Link to Gigabit Ethernet is now a considerable attraction, plus the clear reduction in the cost of a total vision solution because a frame grabber is no longer required.

The Pilot and Scout cameras are a perfect fit for a variety of vision applications including semiconductor and component inspection, manufacturing quality control, food & beverage inspection, intelligent traffic systems, microscopy and medical imagine, and biometrics.

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FW Camera Kits

FireWire, also known as IEEE 1394, has become a standard image data and camera command transmission mechanism in the machine vision industry, with the key benefit of real-time communication between the camera and remote computer. 

Basler’s Scout family breaks the existing 400 Mbit/s data rate limitation of FireWire-a and offers up to 800 Mbit/s as specified by FireWire-b. This means that Scout cameras can provide maximum performance in terms of frame rate and bit depth compared to cameras limited by the FireWire-a data rate. It supports plug-and-play and there is no need for a frame grabber. The Scout family is also backward compatible with FireWire-a.

Basler scout cameras are available in 90 degree housing versions with either C or CS lens mount options for maximum flexibility in tight spaces.   They also feature a GenICam compliant API and use Basler's pylon drivers. The FireWire-b cameras are compatible with Basler’s existing BCAM driver and API for FireWire cameras, and along with the drivers, GUI based software is provided that lets users easily set camera parameters and adjust image quality.

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Analogue Kits

JAI’s CV-A1 and CV-A2 magapixel cameras from TekSis offer a compact footprint of 44mm (w) x 66mm (l) x 26mm (h), and both boast a long list of new functions and features.  Their target market is volume OEMs and high level System Integrators for Automated Imaging applications.

The Sony cameras from TekSis are compact, lightweight and easy to install, making them ideal for space-constrained areas, and perfect  for microscopy, industrial inspection, machine vision and remote camera systems where picture accuracy and detail are important.  

The DXC-390 incorporates Sony’s new Exwave HAD® technology that greatly improves camera sensitivity (F8 at 2000 lx) whilst reducing smear.  The XC-56 and XC-HR 50 camera kits are suitable for demanding applications such as the inspection of semiconductor production lines and high-speed assembly lines, because of their high-resolution and high-speed image-capture capabilities.

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Camera Link Kits

TekSis offers a range of Camera Link area and line scan kits, from leading world manufacturers such as Sony, Basler, Toshiba and Dalsa.

Created for easy connectivity between the PC and camera, Camera Link offers simple, flexible cabling for high-speed, high-resolution digital cameras, resulting in a standard communication interface specification for the industry.

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