In-Sight Micro ID Readers

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The Cognex In-Sight Micro ID readers from TekSis provide world class performance in a small package (30mm x 30mm x 60mm). The readers are available in a wide range of resolutions and performance levels. The In-Sight Micro ID readers provide 1D and 2D decoding for Direct Part Mark Identification and OCV and OCR for verification and reading of alphanumeric strings.

The small size, combined with flexible mounting capability, makes the In-Sight Micro easier to fit onto an existing machine, or saves real estate on new machines.

ISM1110-01 Cognex In-Sight Micro 1110 ID Reader P.O.A.
ISM1410-01 Cognex In-Sight Micro 1410 ID Reader P.O.A.
ISM1412-01 Cognex In-Sight Micro 1412 ID Reader P.O.A.
ISM1413-01 Cognex In-Sight Micro 1413 ID Reader P.O.A.