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At TekSis, we understand the challenges of industrial identification caused by variations in mark appearance, uncertainty of part position, and high production line speeds. We have a team of ID specialists dedicated to helping you select the best-in-class ID solution to meet your requirements.

The range of Cognex ID readers from TekSis is ideal for part traceability and process control in many industries, including automotive, electronics, medical, pharmaceutical, consumer products, food, beverage, and aerospace.

In-Sight Micro ID Readers

The Cognex In-Sight Micro ID readers from TekSis provide world class performance in a small package (30mm x 30mm x 60mm). The readers are available in a wide range of resolutions and performance levels. The In-Sight Micro ID readers provide 1D and 2D decoding for Direct Part Mark Identification and OCV and OCR for verification and reading of alphanumeric strings.

The small size, combined with flexible mounting capability, makes the In-Sight Micro easier to fit onto an existing machine, or saves real estate on new machines.

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In-Sight Fixed Mount Readers

TekSis offers a range of Cognex In-Sight Fixed Mount ID readers, designed to provide unmatched code reading performance. These readers integrate lighting, camera, ID software, processor and communications into an industrial-grade design, making them the most versatile and rugged fixed mount readers available today.

In-Sight ID readers incorporate Cognex IDMax Data Matrix code reading software, based on the industry-leading PatMax technology from Cognex, to provide the most robust and reliable decoding under all conditions. IDMax handles a wide range of degradations to the appearance of the code, no matter what the cause, allowing In-Sight readers to deliver the industry's most reliable reading.

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DataMan 50 ID Readers

Small in size but exceptional in barcode reading performance, the DataMan 50 series of compact barcode readers bring the premium Cognex barcode reading technology to single-line laser scanner arena. The DataMan 50 ID Readers includes all of the features that make Cognex the premier barcode reading brand, including:

  • With proprietary Hotbars™ technology for the highest read rates on 1-D barcodes and IDQuick™ for the ability to read even the most difficult 2-D matrix codes, the DataMan 50 series delivers higher read rates than single-line or raster laser scanners
  • Unlike laser scanners, the DataMan 50 series has a solid state design with no moving parts that can wear out and require replacement
  • Performance feedback enables users to analyse “no reads” either live on a monitor or through image archiving
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DataMan 100 ID Readers

TekSis supplies Cognex’s DataMan 100, the world’s smallest high-performance ID reader. Cognex’s DataMan 100 Fixed Mount ID readers achieve an incredibly high performance level - six sigma read rates at up to 45 parts per second. These readers provide 1D and 2D code reading with models that read even the most challenging direct part marks. And, to ensure that codes meet industry quality standards, the DataMan 100 family includes code verifiers.

DataMan ID readers are optimised to ensure continuously high read rates of 1D and 2D symbologies in direct part mark and label-based identification applications, on the fastest production lines. This allows DataMan readers to deliver the industry’s most reliable code reading. Models are available for all Fixed Mount code reading applications.

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DataMan 200 ID Readers

TekSis offers the latest Cognex DataMan 200 readers. The DataMan 200 adds Ethernet connectivity and liquid lens technology to the world’s smallest high performance fixed-mount reader. These new features enable faster communication speed, easier integration, and software-driven autofocus for easy, hands-free setup.

DataMan ID readers are optimised to ensure continuously high read rates of 1D and 2D symbologies in direct part mark and label-based identification applications, on the fastest production lines. This allows DataMan readers to deliver the industry’s most reliable code reading. Models are available for all Fixed Mount code reading applications.


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DataMan 300 ID Readers

A quantum leap in barcode reading performance.

The DataMan® 300 series of readers was developed to handle the most difficult-to-read DPM (Direct Part Mark) codes as well as challenging 1-D linear barcodes and 2-D Data Matrix codes and for indexed or high-speed lines.

Decode the most challenging 1-D and 2-D barcodes with enhanced 1DMax+™ and 2DMax+™ code-reading algorithms. 2DMax+™ algorithm reads DPM codes no matter the mark type or surface. 1DMax+ with Hotbars™ technology provides higher read rates of damaged 1-D linear barcodes at a faster pace than ever before. The unit is capable of autofocus and auto tuning.

DataMan 300 series is available in two base models.

The DataMan 300 provides standard resolution of 800x600 pixels and the DataMan 302 is the high resolution model (1280x1024). The DataMan 302 is ideal for situations where a very small code is needed to be found within a very large field of view.

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DataMan 500 ID Readers

The DataMan 500 Series is the first barcode reader based on patented vision chip technology from Cognex. This technology allows DataMan 500 to reliably read ID barcodes on packages moving at speeds up to 500 feet per minute (2.5 m/s) without an external trigger or complicated set up procedure. Just mount DataMan 500 and begin reading!

DataMan 500 is the first barcode reader for the logistics industry to introduce liquid lens autofocus technology. The automatic adjusting focus of the liquid lens provides the maximum depth of field for even the highest speed applications. This optional accessory for DataMan 500 is fast and reliable and offers good optical quality with low power consumption.

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DataMan 700 Handheld Readers

The Cognex DataMan 700 Series readers are the newest addition to the family of Cognex high-performance ID code reading products. The DataMan 750 model is ESD safe and features award-winning Cognex IDMax code reading software. 

Compact size and ergonomic design makes the 700 Series exceptionally easy to use, whilst the rugged design ensures long-term operation in industrial reading environments.

The speed of IDQuick allows fast, high performance reading of high-quality 1D and 2D codes, as well as low-contrast codes on uniform backgrounds.

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DataMan 800 Handheld Readers

Cognex offers the widest range of high performance industrial handheld ID readers in the industry. Cognex DataMan handheld industrial ID readers provide unmatched performance for DPM applications, where integration, ruggedness, and the ability to read challenging marks are essential to your success.

Available from TekSis, the DataMan 800 series expand the DataMan handheld reader product line to offer reliable industrial ID code reading of well-marked codes on labels and similar materials for all major symbologies. These offer an excellent alternative to traditional laser barcode scanners.

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DataMan 7500 Handheld Readers

Cognex DataMan 7500 Series handheld readers set the industry standard for reading and verifying Direct Part Mark (DPM) codes for part traceability.

Direct Part Mark Identification (DPMI) for part traceability demands rugged, self-contained readers and verifiers that perform consistently on all types of marks and parts. The DataMan 7500 Series readers are the only handheld products in industry that handle everything from the most challenging DPM marks to the easiest printed barcodes.

The DataMan 7500 Series features include: IDMax decoding software for the highest reading yield on DPM codes; UltraLight illumination providing optimal lighting for all mark types and surfaces; autodiscrimination of both 1D and 2D codes; corded and cordless models providing solutions for stationary and mobile reading applications, and rugged ergonomic design, built for demanding factory floor environment.  

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DataMan 8000 Handheld Readers

The rugged DataMan 8000 Series of readers offers the industry’s most advanced technology for reading 1D and 2D codes regardless of size, quality, printing method or surface, and is the only handheld ID reader that offers Industrial Ethernet communication and liquid lens technology.

The new DataMan 8000 Series is the first to offer integrated liquid lens technology in an industrial handheld ID reader. The adjustable focus of the liquid lens gives maximum depth of field flexibility, enabling you to use the system close up for very small 2D direct part marks, as well as at a greater distance to read longer 1D barcodes, with extremely fast response times.

The DataMan 8000 Series of ID readers is also the first handheld reader to offer Ethernet communication capability for easy integration into your factory network for real-time product and part traceability.

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DataMan 8050 Handheld Readers

The DataMan 8050 series handheld ID readers bring Cognex’s patented algorithms to a new, lightweight industrial handheld platform. The DataMan 8050 reads 1-D and 2-D barcodes with incredible speed and at an economical price. The DataMan 8050 series has a modular design with field interchangeable communication modules and is constructed to handle the harshest environments. Other industrial features include a lanyard hook for easy retractor mounting, bright centralised green LED aimer for clear targeting, loud beeper and indicator lights provide operator feedback. The 8050 series supports the serial slide-in which supports USB-CDC, USB-HID and RS-232 corded communication with the appropriated cables. Both the 8050 and the 8050X feature 1DMax+ with Hotbars for high speed 1-D barcode reading. The DataMan 8050 has 2-D algorithms optimised for reading label-based codes. The DataMan 8050X has 2-D algorithms optimised for reading DPM codes down to 5 mil. Supported 2-D symbologies include: DataMatrix, QR, MaxiCode and Aztec codes. Typical practical depth of field is ~0-12” (depending on code size).

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Dataman 9500 Handheld Readers

Industry-leading DataMan® DPM (direct part mark) reading technology is now available on a mobile computer

The DataMan 9500 mobile computer was specifically designed for the rugged conditions of the factory floor yet is small and lightweight enough to fit comfortably in the hand with easy-to-use ergonomic controls.

This industrial-grade mobile computer is ideal for reading DPM (direct part mark) codes in applications where operators need to read and view code data but cannot be stationed at a terminal or PC. Mobile code reading applications include subassembly rework, repair/maintenance, inventory management, process tracking and more! Connect directly to factory networks via 802.11 a/b/g protocols on 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands for real-time wireless communication.The DataMan 9500 has the Microsoft Windows® CE 6.0 Operating System for running custom applications on the QVGA interface.

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