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TekSis offers a range of accessories to compliment the Cognex product ranges. We provide everything from high-performance cables and I/O modules, to the latest SensorView compact and rugged panel-mount display for Checker and DataMan 100 ranges and VisionView, the interface which enables operators to monitor production processes effectively without the need for a PC. If you need assistance to help you select the right accessories for your application, please contact us by email

In-Sight Micro Accessories

TekSis offers a range of accessories for the Cognex In-Sight Micro range, the world’s smallest, smartest and easiest all-in-one vision system. The In-Sight Micro is a full vision system the size of a remote-head camera, ideal for mounting in very tight spaces on robots, production lines and machinery.  In addition to its small size, the In-Sight Micro provides flexible mounting capability with a unique non-linear calibration tool that enables mounting at angles of up to 45-degrees for hard-to-reach applications.

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In-Sight Accessories

TekSis provides a range of accessories for the Cognex In-Sight 5000 range. Cognex In-Sight vision systems are unmatched in their ability to inspect, guide, and identify parts and are the standard in the industry for automated inspection and product quality assurance. TekSis offers a wide range of In-Sight systems from the best price/performance general purpose models to high resolution and colour models. Whatever your production speed and requirement, there’s an In-Sight system that can keep up with it!

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DataMan Accessories

TekSis provides a range of accessories for Cognex’s DataMan ID readers. The DataMan product line offers the widest range of industrial ID readers and code quality verifiers in both handheld and fixed-mount models. The DataMan readers handle everything from printed 1D and 2D codes to the most challenging direct part mark (DPM) codes, and everything in between.

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Checker Accessories

TekSis offers a range of accessories for Cognex's range of Checker vision sensors. With built-in lighting and variable working distances, Checker sensors are capable of inspecting 6000 parts per minute – all in a package small enough to fit into tight spaces.

The vision sensors are easy to set up and operate. Even a first time user can have it up and running in minutes – without training. Simply select the built-in part finding sensor, place inspection sensors on the features to inspect, then check the product.

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VisionPro Accessories

TekSis offers a range of accessories for the Cognex VisionPro PC-based vision systems. The Cognex VisionPro systems combine the world’s leading machine vision technology with the most flexible and powerful PC-based vision application development. The systems are ideal for complex, high speed and challenging applications, and with the technology available it's easier than ever to rapidly build integrated PC solutions for the most complex machine vision applications.

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In-Sight Remote Head Series

Offering the same performance as the In-Sight 5400, Cognex’s In-Sight 5400R from TekSis is the smallest remote head system, weighing less than 2.5 ounces, and ideal for moving applications where the camera is mounted on the end of a robot arm, on a gantry or positioning stage, or wherever mounting space is limited.

The In-Sight 5400R has a separate camera and processor that can be mounted up to 15 metres apart and connected by a cable.  The camera meets IEC specifications for shock and vibration, and achieves an IP67 (NEMA 6) rating to withstand dust and washdown. 

The In-Sight 3400 remote head system requires no PC for setup, only a VGA display.  Both the In-Sight 3400 and 5400R models can be protected by an optional NEMA6/IP67-rated enclosure.

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Warranties & Firmware Upgrades

TekSis offers a range of Cognex extended warranties from 6 months to 2 years. The warranties are available for two categories of products. Products in Category A include Checker, DataMan, In-Sight Micro, 10xx, 11xx, In-Sight 51xx, Frame Grabbers, SensorView, VisionView and Dongles. Products in Category B include In-Sight Micro 14xx, In-Sight 34xx, In-Sight 54xx, In-Sight 56xx, all DVT products and wafer ID products. 

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